A Mission-Motivated Business

"Simply Audrey is dedicated to empowering women to have confidence in their wardrobe and personal style by influencing the creation of a luxurious and effortless wardrobe at a more affordable price."

Designer clothing and stellar customer service shouldn't just be for the rich and skinny. For Simply Audrey, the commitment to providing access to high-quality fashion for women of all sizes and budgets is deeply rooted in my personal experiences and values. By prioritizing the customer experience and aiming to make every person feel special and valued, I am confident that Simply Audrey will stand out in the fashion retail space.

Sustainable. Accessible. Affordable. By personally hand-picking every single piece that goes into Simply Audrey, I am guaranteeing authenticity and quality while also assuring all pieces are accurately described online. Additionally, everything is priced fairly, making high-end luxury more accessible.

It always goes back to the mission. In short, Simply Audrey is a carefully curated designer boutique where the positive customer experience outweighs the purchase (that may or may not be made.) If I have contributed to even just one woman feeling better about herself--whether through a personal interaction or the purchasing of a beloved item--then I consider Simply Audrey a great success.

--Karen Cunningham, Founder & Owner

"Happy girls are the prettiest girls." -Audrey Hepburn